• If you're looking to engage with music at Olin through academics, please check out our AHS (Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences) courses! You have many options, from Wired Ensemble (4 AHSE credits), Olin Conductorless Orchestra (1 AHSE credit), and Singular Voices, Dual Lives (4 AHSE credits), to AHS Music Capstone & Independent Studies in Music. Explore your options with the links below!
AHSE Courses Music Capstone Independent Studies Wired Ensemble Olin Conductorless orchestra Singular Voices, Dual Lives

The benefit of being part of the Babson, Olin, Wellesley (BOW) Collaboration is that you have options that complement Olin academia! Check them out via the link below

BOW Cross-Registration

There are several facilities at Olin that help music groups prosper! These include the Campus Center Jam Room, containing a plethora of instruments and music space for all Olin students, the East Hall Music Practice Rooms, the primary of which contains a six-foot Steinway grand, the Library Sound Room for recording audio, and the Milas Hall Mezzanine where many musical performances are held. Students also use classrooms in the Miller Academic Center (after hours) for practicing and rehearsing.

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Independent Studies

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Passionate Pursuit Program

Olin offers non-degree academic credit for Passionate Pursuits through the Passionate Pursuit Grant Program. It provides funding for personal side projects, interests, or hobbies. These can range widely from food to music to math and beyond. Olin musicians have used Passionate Pursuit funding to build instruments, take music lessons, learn to sing, play a new instrument, and more!

Passionate Pursuit