Olin Conductorless Orchestra


    The Olin Conductorless Orchestra (OCO) - an ensemble, minus conductor - features instrumentalists in leadership, communicative, and collaborative roles. Dedicated to orchestral performance in the concerted spirit of chamber music, the orchestra forges individual participation, active listening, and group-motivation into performances that have established it as the only conductorless orchestra composed of engineers - in the world!
    Since its Fall 2002 inception, OCO has been a Project-Based Learning (PBL) course where students operate the classroom, and the professor contributes as guide-on-the-side, coach, and re-orchestrator of works chosen by the group. In helping to run rehearsals, students develop leadership, teamwork, and communication skills in a large team environment. With an essentially flat hierarchy that incorporates an ever-evolving sense of culture and cooperation as a working ensemble, OCO functions as a team of musicians - regardless of position - comprising students, faculty, and external guests, all dedicated to making good music with intensity, camaraderie, excitement, and humor.

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OCO welcomes a wide variety of instruments!

Double bass

Clarinet  (Eb, Bb, A)
Bass clarinet

French horn
Tenor trombone
Bass trombone

Soprano sax
Alto sax
Tenor sax
Baritone sax

Mallet percussion (glockenspiel,  xylophone,  marimba)
Snare drum, Bass drum, Tom-toms, and all other percussion 

Programs & Events

The Olin Conductorless Orchestra performs at Olin’s Candiates Weekends, in addition to other Olin events such as Fall Open House, Family Weekend, and the Fall & Spring Expositions that conclude each semester. Scheduled events occur throughout the year, including one away performance hosted outside of Olin.


OCO (AHSE0112) is a 1-credit AHSE course that can be taken in the Fall and Spring semesters at Olin. A student can apply up to 4 OCO credits to the 28 required credits in AHSE, or can petition to apply up to 4 OCO credits to the AHS concentration. Any additional credits, i.e., more than 4, earned by a student enrolling in OCO will show up as additional AHS credits, but will not count toward satisfying the requisite 28 credits in AHSE.) Audtion required. Please email Prof. Diana Dabby for audition information: diana.dabby@olin.edu.

2007 Fall Open House

Fall, 2007


OCO Clips 2003-2005

2003 - 2005